Fats In The City

I’ve been in NYC since July 2007. I won’t get into a debate about whether or not I’ve been here long enough to count as a “real” New Yorker, but suffice to say, this city has become my home. It’s a wonderful place to live.

It is not, however, a fat-friendly place to live.

We are constantly confronted with city-sponsored ads seeking to eradicate our existence. We are harassed on the street and the subway for existing or (gasp) wanting to sit down. We are made to feel unwelcome in stores. We have to look at this. We live in a place where it’s supposed to be accepted — even embraced — to be who you are, but we’re still constantly told we’re disgusting and wrong.

So that’s where I’m coming from with this blog. I’m a fat girl who lives in Brooklyn. On top of that, I’m a fashionista, a grad student, an animal lover (and volunteer), an opinionated loudmouth, a knitter, a photographer, and a writer. This is my world, and this is my space.


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