The Chub Rub Defense Squad, Volume 1

Thick thighs are great, until you want to wear a dress in the summer. Then you have to figure out the best way to keep from enduring the most horrible pain of warm weather: Chub rub.

It’s a dreaded affliction among those of us with chunky legs. We would love to frolic around carefree in lightweight summer dresses, but if we don’t take the proper precautions, we will end up with red, painful, inflamed inner thighs.


There are as many different solutions out there as there are people with thick thighs (note: you can get chub rub at any size), and no one quite agrees on the best option. There are shorts, creams, sticks, powders, spells, incantations, hexes, you name it. And I’m here to try them all. OK, maybe not spells, incantations, and hexes, unless you know of one that works, because I’m willing to try just about anything.

Defense #1: Bandalettes

I’d heard good things about Bandalettes, and they seemed like a great idea. They’re bands that sit on your thighs, held up by the same plastic that you find inside strapless bras. In theory, awesome — there’s a barrier against chub rub, but without the bulk of wearing shorts.

A picture of pale, fat thighs wearing black lace Bandalettes under a blue skirt.In practice? Not so much. I wore these to work, where I spend a good amount of time sitting, but some standing and walking. While sitting, they were fine. They stayed in place, and even felt like a sexy little secret. However, when my lunch break rolled around and I did some walking, the problems piled up. As soon as I started to move, the bands bunched up, sitting in rolled-up lines on my legs instead of flat and smooth. And yes, before anyone chimes in, I ordered the correct size based on my thigh measurements.

A picture of a pale, fat thigh with a rolled-up black lace Bandalette under a blue skirt.Additionally, I noticed that a big hole had appeared in the lace. This was my first time wearing them, and they didn’t stand up at all. It seems like if you’re making a product meant to serve as a chub rub barrier, they should be high enough quality to hold up against friction.

Verdict? I hated them. Others have raved, so maybe if you have thighs that are smaller or a different shape than mine, they will work, but based on this experience, I can’t recommend them.

What other defenses are in store? Keep checking back as I continue this series…


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