The Chub Rub Defense Squad, Part 2

Here we are again, tackling that insidious beast of summer: chub rub.

Defense #2: Shorts

I’ve been wearing shorts under dresses for years, and there is good and bad involved.

If you want to wear a skirt that’s short enough that you fear the feeling of a subway seat dangerously close to your labia, they’re great. 

Tried and true, a simple pair of cotton bike shorts, boxer briefs, or shapewear will ward off chub rub and prevent you from giving the world a show if you happen to walk over a subway grate.

I’ve got a basic pair of black shorts from Woman Within. They hit me about mid-thigh, with a highish waist, and are not too loose or too tight. Since they are cottony, they don’t get too hot.

I also have a few pairs of Skimmies. They’re a less breathable material, but they’re less bulky and shorter, plus I have a beige pair that’s relatively close to my skin color (though may not work for people significantly darker than I am).

Both have their pros and cons, like anything. The cotton shorts are better if it’s hotter, but they’re longer and stick out under really short skirts. The Skimmies are less breathable, and sometimes the legs roll up. They also stray really close to feeling like shapewear, and this is an anti-Spanx body.

Verdict? Shorts are usually the least fussy option, because you can just throw them on under your dress and go. Plus there’s the security of knowing you won’t flash anyone. But they are an extra layer of clothing, which isn’t always welcome when it’s extremely hot out. It’s good to have a few pairs on hand for when you need them, though.


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