The Chub Rub Defense Squad, Part 3

Here we are again, tackling that insidious beast of summer: chub rub.

Defense #3: Lotions and Potions
Some people swear deodorant or baby powder will work on chub rub, but it’s never enough for me. However, I gave a few other anti-chafing products a shot, to varying results.

Monistat’s Chafing Relief Powder Gel was the most effective and long-lasting for me. It comes in a tube, so you have to rub it on with your hands, which means some residue will stay behind, but that wipes off. Totally worth it, though, because I’ve put this on before days where I walk a lot, and it doesn’t come off.

Gold Bond’s Friction Defense looks like a stick of deodorant, and is easy to apply. It works for awhile, but needs retouching more often than the Monistat cream. It’s cheaper though — plus you don’t need as much at once — so that’s a bonus.

Athletic companies also make anti-chafing products for hikers and runners. I got a small stick of Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm to keep in my purse. Of the three, it was my least favorite. While it was good to have a travel-size item to keep with me all day, it didn’t feel as though there was any actual protection for my thighs.

Verdict? It’s nice to not have to wear an extra layer under your clothing on a hot day, but if you’re out for a long time and doing a lot of walking, you may have to reapply, which can be a hassle.


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