Big Girl, Small Town

I spent last weekend in Peterborough, NH. It’s a cute little town, quaint but still welcoming. It was a relaxing and fun trip, where I got to chill out, enjoy nature, see a play (the reason I went up there was because my brother works summers at the theater there), and generally just have a mini-vacation. 

I saw, however, that people stared at me. Was it the fact that I’m fat? My tattoos? My hair? I don’t know. It’s the sort of thing I don’t care that much about, but I do notice it. 

Overall, though, it was a good trip. Being stared at has become commonplace for me. I was able to focus on enjoyment.

On top of that, I did some physical things that one might not think a fat girl would be up to. My family went to the top of Pack Manodnock — we drove up because my dad has knee issues, but once up there hiked about for awhile on the rocks. It was foggy, but still really cool. 

Traveling while fat can be fraught for anyone. I didn’t fly, so that wasn’t something I had to deal with, but there’s still always something to worry about. Aside from the staring, will the chairs at restaurants be comfortable? Will any physical limitation keep me from activities? Will shopping be traumatic because nowhere carries my size? And so on. I was fortunate this trip, since I didn’t run into much, but it can still weigh on my mind. 



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