I Will Not Watch “Dear Fat People”

There is a hateful, bigoted video going around right now called “Dear Fat People.” It was created by some no-name YouTube woman who is apparently using abuse to grasp at popularity, and it has been popping up (with responses) around the fat realm. 

I will not watch it. 

For one, I don’t intend to give that bigot any more legitimacy or clicks than she has already gotten. People who use bullying to gain popularity don’t deserve it. So I will not view it or link to it here. 

Additionally, I can pretty much already guess what it says. Fat haters are among the most boring and unoriginal people around, and no matter how they repackage it, they never say anything new. It’s always some variation on how we’ve done this to ourselves, we need to eat less and exercise more, how we’re gross and unhealthy and a burden, and how fat-shaming isn’t bigotry it’s just tough love meant to inspire us because health. There is literally nothing original to say. 

So why should I waste the mental spoons to watch something that has nothing unique to say and will serve only to make me angry? The woman behind this is not worthy of my time and energy (beyond the short amount necessary to write this quick post). 

I’d rather devote my brain space to people who deserve my admiration and respect. I’ll keep my eye out for NOLOSE conference updates or cute new fat fashion lines. Things that lift people up instead of tearing them down. Because no one needs to listen to that. 


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