Can’t Stop Us

I know I just wrote about Ragen Chastain’s stalker-like trolls last week, but she continues to deal with issues so I’m going to keep talking. 

Yesterday she posted a picture to Facebook from outside one of her talks. She was outside because someone had pulled the fire alarm to prevent her from speaking. 

You read that right. The same thing annoying kids do to get out of taking tests. An adult did that to try and keep another adult from giving a speech. 

Of course, it didn’t stop her. The talk went on, just a bit later than planned. But let’s seriously think about what is happening here. People are so fixated on her that they obsessively follow and try to sabotage her events. They are threatened by this fat woman who loves herself teaching other fat people to love themselves. That’s it. They are disrupting events and following a person in her life because her message of self-love is just too much for them to bear. 

If someone is speaking and you don’t like them, don’t go to the talk. It’s that simple. Bill O’Reilly spoke at my school a couple of years ago and the most I did was gripe about it to people in my cohort (I happen to think someone who promotes racism, sexism, and homophobia should stay away from universities, but maybe that’s just me). 

I don’t know what else I can say about this that hasn’t been said already by me or someone else. But we need to pay attention to this. It’s approaching GamerGate-esque levels of harassment and stalking, and it needs to be addressed. Take this seriously. Don’t say to “ignore the trolls” because these are no longer just annoying haters in the comments sections; these are real people disrupting real lives and threatening real safety. They aren’t trolls; now they’re criminals. 


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