Snakeskin Pants at Any Size

When I was in high school, during one of the many diet scamsprograms I tried, someone asked for little goals, no matter how silly. I had seen a pair of faux snakeskin pants at Hot Topic, that only went up to a junior’s size 13 or so, so I said I wanted to be able to buy those. 

I never got those pants, which is fine because they probably would have fit for all of an hour before I put weight back on. Such is the cycle for 97% of us. 

Recently, I popped into an Ashley Stewart (there’s one right across from my gym, which is very dangerous) and guess what they had on the racks? 

Faux snakeskin pants!

Very similar to the ones I had wanted as a teenager, but in the full AS size range. If I wanted them now, I could have them without torturing myself dieting!

I opted not to try them on this time. But now my lack of snakeskin pants is based on my OWN choices, not someone else’s decision to stop making something at an arbitrary size point. 

It was a nice reminder: you don’t have to be a certain size to have fun, to wear what you like, or to just live your life. Wear (faux!) snakeskin or (real) sparkles or mini skirts or whatever if you want to. You don’t have to put everything on hold until you starve yourself down to be temporarily smaller. Live NOW. 


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