A piece of disgusting body shaming disguised as fashion advice somehow made it past editors of Oprah Magazine, telling readers how to rock a crop top “if (and only if)” they have a flat stomach.

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This is obviously a load of crap, because fat girls with soft bellies (myself included) rock crop tops as well as anyone.

Fortunately there has been a response from the body posi community where beautiful fatties are posting pictures of themselves in belly-baring shirts with the tag #rockthecrop.

Every size body is beautiful and everyone should wear whatever they want to, regardless of softness or largeness or whatever else. Show off things the world wants you to think are flaws. Or cover them if you want. It’s up to you. But don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t wear something because of your shape. That’s body fascism. It’s bigotry. It’s wrong.

Wear a crop top. Or don’t, if you aren’t a fan or aren’t comfortable. But do it because it’s what works for you, not because someone at a magazine said you shouldn’t.